New way to submit requests!

 I think it works much better!
Simply click on the requests tab and the form is right there: Fill it out and ta-da!
You're on my to do list. :D
What do you think? Does it help?
Comment! :D


The winner for the graphic is chosen.

M'kay, I used a site to draw straws and the amazing Jembr2 won! :D
Congrats Jess :]
You can comment or mail me how you want your graphic :]



Okay, so, one lucky commentator will win a full body graphic for FREE!
So comment comment comment :D

The lucky winner will get  a full body graphic with any pose they want :]


A banner for a blog ;3

I made this for FudgeChunks. and her blog ;3
took me 3 hours, the model is tails06, as that is what the blog owner wanted..


New Graphic :D

Yay. I made a new graphic that i love ♥.
It's of a pool bar x3. Based off a picture i found on google.. I made the flower hedge,the table,the water, all the shading and everything :D  It took me about three hours xP



Hi :)
I'm taking requests :D
Just comment under this post or in the chat box, although preferably in a comment for this post..
The details needed are under the "requests"tab
So post and enjoy a graphic :)


New graphic?

Well yah, i used a little bit of template for the body outline but i re-did everything :3 i changed the hand poses and drew the clothes that kinda suck but are pretty good for having no experience ;P what do you think?
Yeah i know the waist looks too small and the hips too big blah blah and the head a little too big, but then it was too small.. yeah xD it sucks kinda


I got a Job :D

Mkay.. so  i got a job as a graphics designer
to visit the blog,  Click Here
My first job was to create the banner :)
i love how it looks, the models are lollymollygoo and an amazing person called Jess, here  user is jembr2
here's a pic :)